Michael Frazier

The Choice

Michael Frazier, Tim Lamberson, Jon Rose, Frank Dosland, Leo Clarksmith
Michael Frazier



A hundred million years ago dinosaurs walked the Earth

until a catastrophic change turned them all to dirt

The same thing can happen to you and I today

if we do not change our evil ways

Atomic powers are marking us like a tombstone on a grave


The planet that we live upon has everything we need

mountains and the oceans and the prairies in between

Creatures of the jungle living sheltered lives

they'd fade away immediately in a nuclear sky

Who will take the stand and make the choice to stay alive



Who's gonna make the choice - will it be you or I

Who's gonna make the choice - If the Human Race will survive

Who's gonna make the choice - The president on high

Who's gonna make the choice - If we live or die                  I'll choose life


Events around the world today shape our destiny

the path that we are traveling on will never set us free

The blue that fills the sky above and the trees that gently sway

every living creature might simply fade away

Procrastination will not help we have got to make the choice today



Who's gonna make the choice     -     The gambler on a roll

Maybe the remote control    -     The angels up on high    

if we live or die   -   I'll choose life


A hundred million years from now if aliens ever dare

they'll walk this land with space suits on cause they cannot breathe the air

They'll probably say "look at this mess what the Hell happened here"

"How could the Humans have destroyed themselves in a couple thousand years"

Thinking their technology would save themselves from fear



Who's gonna make the choice    -    The dinosaurs of old

Those guys with all the gold     -      Aliens in the sky      -      

If we live or die    -     I'll choose life