Michael Frazier

Take Me With You

Michael Frazier, Tim Lamberson, Jon Rose, Frank Dosland, Leo Clarksmith
Michael Frazier




I swear that tiny light in space is moving

It must be what they call a U.F.O.

Down here on the ground they're using radar

to see if it is someone that they know


It moved away so quickly that I lost it

behind that cirrus cloud right over there

I bet they know exactly what I'm thinking

that I would like to meet with them somewhere


Hey you fellow creatures out in space

won't you come to earth and straighten out the human race

consider me a confidante and friend

I just want to meet you face to face


Take me with you I won't get in the way

take me with you take me now today

take me with you I volunteer as a guinea pig

if you will bring me back to Earth someday


I sit and watch the sky most every evening

waiting for the aliens return

knowing that they'll take me far away from here

someday when I finally get my turn


The government predicts an epidemic

of fear that will spread across this land

It's only cause their minds are closed to innocence

there's simply no room left to understand