Michael Frazier

Pool of Life

Michael Frazier, Tim Lamberson, Jon Rose, Frank Dosland, Leo Clarksmith
Michael Frazier



Laying in the weeds biding my time

playing undercover

awaiting the sign

holding on to the moments that I've come to find

I've come to find


Traveling a highway winding along

knowing that I'm going to where I belong

destination calling and it won't be too long

It won't be long


Guided by an inner vision

keeping all my faith alive

world like the mother ocean

into this pool I dive

into this pool of life


Counting on the draw to fill out this straight

maybe get the cowboy before it's too late

raise to the limit I can't hesitate

I can't wait


Putting all the pieces of this puzzle in place

angel on my shoulder setting the pace

finding my comfort in your smiling face

your smiling face


Only an instant before we begin

attempting to capture the magic within

I've got a feeling that we're gonna win

in the end


All of the answers to the questions at hand

are flying in moonlight awaiting to land

here on my shoulder then I'll understand

I'll understand