Michael Frazier

Human Lives

Michael Frazier, Tim Lamberson, Jon Rose, Frank Dosland, Leo Clarksmith
Michael Frazier



Thick gray clouds pass across the face of the sun

patches of light, sparkling drops of rain upon the lawn

another day of dying and yet of being born

constantly arranging the life that I have known


A message from across the world arriving just today

sitting in the letter box on a wall just outside the door

scraps of paper saved until this form will dissipate

into a place we can only hope will hold much more


Given life we live

given choice we will decide

given all the outer dangers

we can always make the choice to hide

Human lives inside human lives


Exhausted fumes, passing gas, spreading in the atmosphere

even though we're being born it seems we're dying here

constantly avoiding all the things we've grown to fear

all our actions just denying reigns to those who know to steer


Given love we give

given questions we reply

given all the ancients tears

we can surely find the love inside

Human lives inside human lives


Leaves will fall and grow again, winter change to spring

feelings grow inside of me like flowers from the rain

a distant knowledge passes by so unforseen by me

I know a part of human lives, lives inside this tree