Michael Frazier


Michael Frazier, Tim Lamberson, Jon Rose, Frank Dosland, Leo Clarksmith
Michael Frazier




Dust on the mirror, clouding up your sight

you just spent another crazy Friday night

morning calls to early, coffee brews too slow

don't tell me where you've been I already know


cause I can see by the look that's on your face

you're sick and tired of running this rat race

Don't try and tell me that you're fine

cause I can see the cobwebs in your mind


Living in this world, rich men make the rules

believing that the rest of us are only fools

We've got to make a statement, let the people know

the worlds driving on a dead end street with nowhere left to go


and I swear these times have got to change

The fault line we're living on cannot just be rearranged

each of us has got to take the time

to sweep out all the cobwebs in your mind


All of those salt talks poured on open wounds

the politicians can't agree cause they don't know what they're doing

wasting all our money on nuclear power and bombs

when nature gives us all the energy we could ever want


Caught up in daily pressures trying to survive

all we really want to do is to stay alive

specks of dust in the universe is all we really are

got to change our point of view to reach the morning star